sump pump repair service

A sump pump keeps your basement and the area under it from flooding when there is a heavy storm.  A sump is a reservoir below your basement that is intended to fill up when levels of groundwater increase, rather than allowing the water to get into your basement, where it can cause serious damage.

The sump pump moves that water up to ground level, where it can drain properly and away from your home.  By keeping your basement dry, you are keeping it safe for kids and pets, as well as keeping it structurally sound.

Sump Pump Repair – Don’t DIY

If a sump pump isn’t functioning properly, many homeowners try to fix it on their own.  They look up the methods online and think this may be saving them some money.  But what happens when the next storm hits if the sump pump repair wasn’t done correctly?  Do you really want to take the chance?  When all is said and done, you may be causing yourself more money and aggravation than it is worth.  Contact the Handy Repair Guys to install or repair you sump in you home or business.